Index of Musical Examples – coming soon

Scales and ChordsMajor and Minor Scales, Triads, Seventh Chords, Extended Harmonies
Musical TextureMonophony, Polyphony, Homophony, Homorthythmic, Antiphonal
Harmonies in MotionTonic, Dominant, Subdominant/Super Tonic, Mediant/Submediant, Six-Four Chords
CadencesAuthentic (PAC/IAC), Half Cadence, Phrygian Half, Plagal, Deceptive motion
Voice-LeadingNeighbor/Passing Chords, Voice Exchange, Voice Leading
Phrase ModelsTonic-Predominant-Dominant-Tonic, Tonic-Predominant-Dominant, Retrogressions
Non-chord TonesPassing, Neighbor, Appoggiatura, Suspensions, Pedals
Harmonic SequencesRoot motion by second, third, and fourth (fifth)
ChromaticismApplied Chords, Modal Mixture, Tonicization/Extended Tonicization, Modulation, Neapolitan, Augmented Sixth Chords
Form Binary, Ternary, Rondo, Sonata, Fugue, Variations, Strophic

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